Christmas Storytime

This week was my storytime week & what a great time too.

I talked all about Christmas & I’m going to share it with YOU! (like how I made a little rhyme there??)

Okay so here’s how it went. Introductions first, my name is & today we’re talking about Christmas blah blah. Who loves Christmas?! Everyone raises their hand of course. Then we read, I Love Christmas by Anna Walker.


Then we used my hand bells from Mother Goose on the Loose to sing Jingle Bells. The kids love that. Once we’re done singing (we did it a few times) I read Christmas Magic by Sue Stainton. I let them keep the bells & every time I said “reindeer bells” in the book they got to ring their bells. It was cute seeing them on the edge of their seats waiting for me to say the words.


Return the bells. Get their minds of returning their awesome activity by asking what every child wants for Christmas. Everyone likes to talk about presents so that does the trick. Once everyone has had a turn to share I read The Christmas Penguin by Mary Packard. Ollie the penguin wants to be able to fly for his Christmas gift!


If there’s still time left I had some others I read to older kids who were sitting still. What am I? Christmas by Anne Margaret Lewis was a great book to keep them interested because its a guessing game book. There’s a little snippet describing what you’re guessing and also a little bit of the picture peeks out. Its cute! Counting Christmas by Karen Katz was also one I read in place of I Love Christmas if I had a crowd with younger kids. We would start by counting to ten. I also had a little rhyme about Santa that we did also.

book                                            book

Merry Christmas y’all! Read to your kids & buy them some books!


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