Patronizing Patrons


This guy called and patronized me and I don’t appreciate it.

Me: Cedar Rapids Public Library, can I help you?

Patron: Wait, is this a person? Are you a person?

Me: Um, yes.. Can I help you?

Patron: I’m so used to getting recordings that I am surprised you are real.

Me: Okay.. how can I help you?

Patron: Do you have the movie Dr. Zhivago?

Me: Sure let me look… It looks like there are 3 versions do you know which one you’d like? Perhaps the year it was made or an actor who’s in it?

Patron: Do you know what Dr. Zhivago is?

Me: Yes..

Patron: Its like War & Peace but in a movie (actually its not) .. Have you read War & Peace?

Me: No I have not.

Patron: Do you really work at a library?

Me: Yes..

Patron: And you haven’t read War & Peace? How old are you?

This is the point in time where I would have hung up on him if I could have.


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