Blackbird House by Alice Hoffman


I just finished reading this wonderful book of short stories. I’ve never really been into short stories & I don’t know why because they’re really just like short little novels. Have 30 minutes at the doctor’s office? Read a short story! Have a 45 minute commute to work? Read a short story! They’re magical. Since I’m not a short story reader I don’t have a lot of experience on which to base this review but I genuinely enjoyed this book. It was about a house on the Cape built by the characters in the first short story. The following short stories change characters (usually they are somehow connected to the previous story’s characters) however the setting does not. I enjoyed that continuity.  Check this out if you’re not typically one to enjoy short stories.

You can also check out this article in the Guardian, “Is the short story really the novel’s poor relation?”

And this list of 10 great short stories to read.


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