Tips to Foster Great Readers

I don’t necessarily believe these lists. However, I don’t think you’d be doing your child a disservice if you followed these tips. Presumably my brother and I were raised the same way, although we’re 8 years apart so maybe we weren’t. Nonetheless, I am a voracious reader. I love reading. Love everything about it. Got my master’s in it. Made a career out of it. Think its the best! On the other hand, my brother hates reading. Doesn’t do it for fun or for school. He just wants you to tell him what happens. He likes movies. Couldn’t make him read a book if you gave him $100. Is this because I’m a girl and he’s a boy? No idea. But anyway, doing some of these simple tips may help guide your child into the reading sphere but I don’t guarantee anything.

1. Start early! Read to your children constantly. Read to them in the womb. Read to them 10 minutes after they come out. If you don’t feel like reading put a book on CD in and have someone else read to them. While you’re reading don’t expect children to sit through an entire book if they’re young. Just because they can’t sit still for a whole book doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy it. I can promise you if you FORCE them to sit down and listen to the whole book they will not jump in your lap to hear another the next time you want to read to them.

2. Set an example! Read books for you. This shows them that you like reading too. It’s not just something you’re making them do, it’s something you like too! Especially dads. Make those men read. Show those boys that reading is cool.

3. Stock up on books! Keep books all over your house. Whether they’re your own personal collection or from the library. If you’re kid is stuck on dinosaurs right now you can get tons of those but get something else too so they have a variety. Get board books, pop-up books, nonfiction books, fiction books, and more!

4. Don’t underestimate the power of a series! The Magic Treehouse Series has over 40 books at this point & it’s still going. Some parents keep their kids away from popular series’ because the books aren’t classic or educational. Get over that right now. Reading is reading. Reading encourages more reading which may steer them towards the “classic educational” books later. Don’t ever discourage your child from reading anything. If they like the first book in a series and there are 39 more books just like it that is a whole lot of reading! And a whole lot of quiet time for Mama.

5. Oldschool reading time! Have a time of the night or day when it is reading time. Turn of gadgets. This is a time when everyone can read and you can do tip 2. Put it with something exciting like dessert so it’s even better. Who doesn’t want dessert? Then something awesome will be associated with reading which is also awesome.

See the whole list of great tips here.


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