Read to Your Kids


I know librarians repeat this all the time. But I can’t stress how important it actually is.

Read to your kids. All the time. No matter how old they are. Just read to them.

A study done in Australia over the span of EIGHT YEARS shows that concluded that when parents read to children on a daily basis, they are up to a year ahead of who are not read to. And that’s regardless of socio-economic status (which lots of studies don’t take into account).

Libraries try and encourage this to parents through their Every Child Ready to Read program (ECRR). ECRR encourages early literacy practices in kids birth to age five by encouraging parents not only to read to their child but to also play with them, sing to them, write with them, and talk to them on a daily basis.

Want to check out the article about the study? Click here.

Also, sorry about being MIA for a few weeks. I moved from a house to a house and the library moved from the mall to a stand alone branch. Busy busy!


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