Arranged by Catherine McKenzie


This book was great chick lit. There were some flaws. But overall it was really good. Really good y’all. Plus, her name is Anne Shirley Blythe. Any of you nerds out there who know what that’s from? Anne of Green Gables. And let me tell you, I’ve seen that movie a bagillion times. I love it. And I love that its packed into this book.

Right after a break up Anne finds a business card in the street called Blythe & Company. She doesn’t believe in signs but she keeps it anyway. Eventually she calls the number and thinks its a dating service. Not having found anyone since her break up she makes an appointment. Turns out its an arranged marriage company. Anne goes with it & eventually takes a vacation to Mexico where she meets her soon-to-be husband, Jack. Their characters aren’t really developed well before they meet each other but once they have a relationship you get into the book quick. There is a turning point I wasn’t expecting (maybe other readers will) and it turns out real cute. Chick lit at its best.


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