Don’t do this

Here are 8 ways to DIScourage your kids from reading. Don’t do these things.

1. Don’t put down your child’s reading materials. If your kid is 12 and wants to read about dinosaurs, go with it. If they want to read magazines or comic books don’t tell them that’s “not real reading.” Reading is reading & if they’re enjoying it they’ll be more likely to enjoy other kinds of reading.

2. Don’t provide the wrong level material. Make sure if they are 12 and do want to read about dinosaurs that you’re choosing books that are on their level. We don’t want them reading picture books about dinosaurs or adult encyclopedias.

3. Don’t use reading as a punishment. Reading is supposed to be fun so don’t say go to your room and read a book and expect them to think reading is an awesome activity later.

4. Don’t forget to give your child  books as a gifts. Sounds like giving clothes for Christmas doesn’t it? BUT if you make getting books special and do it consistently every year they’ll look forward to getting those books.

5. Don’t explain to your child they aren’t really reading yet when they are only looking at the pictures. Looking at pictures is important. In fact, there’s a whole genre of books without words. They’re called wordless picture books. And I love them. It takes more imagination and effort to “read” a wordless picture book than it does to follow the words of someone’s story that they already wrote.

6. Don’t forget to let your kids see you read for fun. Seeing YOU read shows your kids that reading is fun and you enjoy it. So they will too. Especially dad’s. Showing your kids that dad reads and its not just something mom does is so important.

7. Don’t over-correct and over-practice. Please just let them read. Let them read what they want, when they want & don’t over analyze it.

8. Don’t forget to read to your kids. For every book they read you should read one to them. And not just when they’re little and can’t read on their own. Read a book out loud. Have one that you’re reading to them at all times. Make it a bedtime routine. Do Stuart Little. That’s a good one. Or Charlotte’s Web.

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