Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick


I wanted to see this movie so I had to read the book first because that’s how I do it people, and I’ll tell you why. The book is always better. There has never been a time I’ve left a movie and said, Oh that was way better than the book. (Although I have read blogs that say such movie/book combos exist). This is not one of them. The book is way better. The whole point of the book is that the reader doesn’t know what Pat has gone crazy. Why is he in therapy? What is he having apart time? What the hell is going on? And the MOVIE tells you that in the first 30 minutes. Uh, excuse me? You have no climax now you idiot movie people. Gah! AND they changed his name. He has a great name. Pat Peoples. And now he’s some weird Pat with a last name that starts with an S. Why would you change his name? You can’t even keep the main character’s NAME? Anyway, read the book. Its good. Better than the movie for sure. And if you’ve seen the movie and liked it, then you definitely need to read the book. And if you’ve seen the movie and hated it then read the book, because its better. So either way, you should read the book.


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