Audiobook Narrators

You know how you see someone in a movie & you’re like, where do I know that person from? That happens to me a lot. But lately it’s been happening to me with audiobook narrators. And that makes me a nerd. BUT, I love it! I’ve decided that I either listen to too many audiobooks (which is unlikely) OR the audiobook narrating world is a monopoly (which is more likely). I’m okay with either option. Through my discoveries I’ve found my two favorite audiobook readers, one girl & one boy.


Ahem, Jim Dale. I’ve blogged about my love for Jim Dale previously (see blog post here). I’m a little concerned because when I googled him for an image there were a lot of other images that make him look much older than this photo does (he is 77 years old). What if he DIES!? Who will I adore then? Anyway, I first heard his voice in audiobook when reading the Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (amazing book btw, I’m going to post a retro blog about how much I love that book soon). And as I was listening to his buttery voice read to me I said to myself, where do I know that voice from? Some of you may be thinking, oh well obviously, he’s the voice of the Harry Potter series. But alas, I first heard him speak to me as the voice over in the show Pushing Daisies. An amazingly hilarious, perfect show that’s on Netflix if you care to take a look. But once I heard him on the Night Circus I became obsessed with his narrating voice. I googled all the other books he’s narrated and started listening to them too. I knew that they wouldn’t suck because he’s Jim Dale & he’s awesome. Why would he choose to narrate a stupid boring book? And its not just me who thinks he’s awesome, he has won MANY awards for his narration.


And now, my favorite girl. Jennifer Ikeda. Not as common a name as Jim Dale. Although Jim Dale probably isn’t a common name unless you’re in the library world or listen to a lot of audiobooks. I first heard this wonderful narrator when listening to The Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness (also an awesome book, I should do a retro blog post of that too). And then I heard her just today narrating portions of The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult. Can I just say, if you are cool enough to be chosen to narrate Jodi Picoult you have made it girlfriend. So I was listening today and I said, where have I heard that voice before? And it came to me, Discovery of Witches. And by “it came to me” I mean I googled the book and had to find her name and go back to every book she’s narrated to figure out which one I heard her read. Didn’t know as much about her as a did Jim Dale (since I love Jim Dale) so then I had to continue to google the heck out of her. Apparently this woman is an actress too. In legit shows like Smash & Suits. Bless her heart. She’s amazing. She doesn’t have a lot of other audiobooks to speak of but I’m thinking about listening to Shadow of Night (I’ve already read the book), the second book in Deborah Harkness’ trilogy just so I can listen to her voice.

I must say as a disclaimer that I ADORE both the books that brought me to these narrators. So perhaps I love their voices because I love my first experience with their narration. But I don’t think so. Eh, either way I think they’re the best.


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