Family Pictures by Jane Green


I like Jane Green. But I like her older stuff better. Let me just say this is nothing like Jemima J or In Her Shoes so if you like those books you may not like this one. This is a serious book my friends. But her last one, Another Piece of my Heart, was serious also. So if you liked her last one you will probably like this one. The only complaint I have is that one of the wives (its about two wives) is portrayed not as nicely as the first one you meet. But maybe she did that on purpose. Either way, it was a good read! However, let me also say that I ruined the surprise. I’m not a surprise girl. I hate them actually. So if a book has a twist I will open it to the middle until I can figure out what that is & then go back to the beginning. It makes me feel better knowing what’s going to happen. So I think I may have liked it better if I didn’t know the twist. But either way, I enjoyed it.


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