Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald


I was reading this book while also re-reading the Great Gatsby for a book club. It was a great juxtaposition of fiction and biographical fiction. I also read some reviews about the book (this one from Huffington Post specifically) that kind of knocked the repetition of this book compared to other Zelda books. But since I’ve never read another Zelda book, I thought this one was just fine!

As previously stated (I think) I LOVE the 20s. If I could go live in another era it would be the 20s. People ask why and I’m not sure I can give an answer. Mainly because all the books I read about the 20s have feminist women who are aching to be more in their lives other than wives and mothers. So that part isn’t so appealing. But I love the clothes and the jazz age and all that comes with that. I love Prohibition (I don’t drink) and all the sneaking around that would involve which would seemingly make life more exciting. I thought this was a great book and the narrator (I listened to it on Playaway) was the narrator of Skeeter in The Help (which I also listened to & highly recommend in audiobook).


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