The Ashford Affair by Lauren Willig


This book was really good. Lauren Willig is best known for her series of books, the Pink Carnation. This book has nothing to do with those and I’ve never read those books so I can’t say whether or not the writing is similar but I did really enjoy Ashford Affair (and the narrator is British, gotta love that). This book takes place in 1920s London & Kenya while also flashing forward to 2000s New York. I have been on a 1920s kick lately so I was in love. Especially 1920s Kenya. Oh my God can I just say I totally want to go to Africa now? Even though (spoiler alert) one of the main characters presumably gets eaten on a safari.

I enjoyed the way the story was written most. In the 2000s Clemmie, the main character of that portion of the book, is discovering secrets about her Grandma Addie and how her family was formed. The story then goes back to that time period of the secret at to the character of Addie trying to pursue her life in London & Kenya with a man she loves but who is married. The back and forth of the discoveries and the description of the characters (especially Addie in both eras) keeps the reader intrigued.



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