Author Friends

No, I’m not friends with any authors. But it warms my heart when I hear that authors I love are friends with each other. For example, Ann Patchett was just here doing a talk for our library & she told us all that she’s great friends with Elizabeth Gilbert, who has a new book coming out. How cool is that? I also just read an interview conversation recently with Leigh Bardugo, author of Shadow & Bone, and Veronica Roth, author of the Divergent series. Guess what? They’re friends! And I love their books so I thought their interview was so great. They basically gushed on how awesome the other one was. Here’s some great things they said.

Leigh about Veronica’s books: “I like that you don’t let your characters off easy. I think in YA there’s sometimes a temptation to create heroines who are infinitely resilient and wise and confident because those are the behaviors we want to see teens embrace and maybe we want to see those things in ourselves. We aren’t always comfortable witnessing real frailty or vulnerability in our heroines, but I like characters who struggle, and doubt, and who don’t always do the wise thing.”

Veronica about Leigh’s books: “I was originally drawn to your books because of the world — the whole notion of the small sciences and the Grisha and a fantasy world with muskets instead of just swords pulled me in. But if I came for the world, I really stayed for the characters. Alina is a great character — her humor is what really struck me, at first, because I don’t see that many leads in YA sci-fi/fantasy with a truly solid sense of humor.”

When asked what other female heroines they admired they both answered, Hermione (in case you live under a rock she is from Harry Potter). Just another reason I love these two.


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