The Other Life by Ellen Meister


This was an interesting book for sure. But super hard to explain. Here’s what Goodreads says about it.

“Happily married and pregnant, Quinn Braverman has an ominous secret. Every time she makes a major life decision, she knows an alternate reality exists in which she made the opposite choice-not only that, she knows how to cross over. But even in her darkest moments-like her mother’s suicide-Quinn hasn’t been tempted to slip through…until she receives devastating news about the baby she’s carrying.
The grief lures her to peek across the portal, and before she knows it she’s in the midst of the other life: the life in which she married another man, and is childless. The life in which her mother is still very much alive.
Quinn is forced to make a heartbreaking choice. Will she stay with the family she loves and her severely disabled child? Or will an easier life-and the primal need to be with her mother-win out?”

Now I’m going to complain about my confusion with the plot. In her life with Lewis, the life where she’s pregnant, when she goes to the other life, THAT LIFE (the one with Lewis) still soldiers on. BUT when she leaves the other life to go back to the life with Lewis, the other life doesn’t continue. How does that work? Never explained. There’s also a cliffhanger at the end. But not the, “I’m going to write a second book” kind. The kind where the author is like, “I want the reader to make up their own mind about what happens.” Lady, I don’t read books like that for that reason. You’re the author. You tell me what happens. That’s your JOB! Don’t be a cop out.

Despite those complaints it really was an interesting book. A kind of plot that I haven’t seen before. Enjoyable. And confusing..


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