Violet Mackerel’s Brilliant Plot

I need to read more kids books. People come and ask for recommendations and I can give them answers but I feel like I’m always giving the same answers. Luckily no one has ever come back and asked me a second time or I would be out of ideas. So last night before I left work I wandered through the fiction books picking small books, big books, series books, girl books, boy books, etc. I have about 10 I think. I stopped at letter H.


I read this one first because it was short and adorable looking. Violet’s mom sells things she’s knitted at a farmer’s market. She needed a hobby to occupy her time when her dad left (one parent household book, always good to file those away). Violet, seven years old, has fallen in love with a blue porcelain bird at the stall next to her mom. Coincidentally the stall is run by a single man named Vincent. He may or may not have a crush on Violet’s mom. Throughout the book she tries to figure out a way to raise $10 (whoah!) so she can buy this bird. Its super cute. And its also part of a series so if I get a win & the kid likes that book I can just suggest the next two and I’m golden.


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