Alphabet Storytime

This fall I started the alphabet storytime I was talking about over the past summer. I had started this particular theme of storytime when I was a librarian in Tennessee and only got to Letter H since I moved away. So I’m glad I can start it up again. Its a little different because this storytime is for 0-3 year olds. The books are quicker and the kids are noisier but it’s going great! When I was talking to people about doing an alphabet storytime for this age group I got a lot of, “But why? Babies can’t read.” I am aware of this. However, print awareness is an important part of learning to read later. So is phonological awareness. These are the kinds of things I’m going for in alphabet storytime. I also want them to get accustomed to books & enjoy reading them. Learn how to hold them. Know that they’re awesome & that the library is a great place! You can’t start that mantra too early in life.

In order for them to learn more about books I bought a complete set of Baby ABC to read at every program. Everyone gets to hold one and read one together as our opening book. Instead of reading we more or less sing the ABCs and turn the pages. I encourage parents to come to storytime early and have an experience with their child reading the book and talking about the images represented for each letter. I also give them a coloring sheet to take home with a different object represented than the ones we talked about in storytime. This is to encourage them to continue the talk through the week with other things that start with their new letter. There is (as always) free play after this storytime to encourage kids to stay and mom’s to interact with each other (and me!).  I also added a few themes in there that aren’t letters just to acknowledge major holidays and spread out the theme until Summer Reading starts. I’ve put in a picture of our calendar at the bottom of this post.

I’m already on Letter D so this week’s posts will be a little backwards. Tomorrow I’ll post my storytime outline for Letter D and then the next few days I’ll post what I did for A-C the past couple weeks.



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