Wordless Picture Books

I adooooore wordless picture books. L-O-V-E them. This is a great article on how to “read” wordless picture books. A lot of parents (and librarians) are afraid of this kind of book because it leaves them without rules and boundaries. What do I talk about? Where are the words? How do I tell a story when there are no words?! GAH!

This wonderful post recommends three things you can do if you feel awkward with wordless picture books.

1. Narrate the action

2. Ask Questions

3. Encourage child-led narration

Number 2&3 allow for you to push off “reading” the book to your child so if you feel awkward you can just pass it off to them.

Some of my favorite wordless picture books are Flora and the Flamingo, The Boy & the Airplane, and Chalk.



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2 responses to “Wordless Picture Books

  1. Nice post! I love wordless picture books too, I’m even going to launch a kickstarter campaign very soon to help finish an app I’m developing which is focused on wordless picturebooks. Have a look at my website Imagistory.com if you want 🙂

  2. I have separated all of ours into their very own section within the beginning reader shelves at our library!

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