Ethical Parenting op-ed

I love those op-ed articles where someone writes strongly about a subject and then two days later in another magazine (or sometimes the same one) someone else writes about how they strongly feel that person is wrong. Basically I love confrontation. I love being devil’s advocate. In New York magazine last week there was an article titled, “Is Ethical Parenting Possible?” and I was in love with this woman. I have no kids but I love reading about how to parent or how much it sucks. If only to confirm that I don’t want kids. Read this article. It is great. And tomorrow I will post the opposing article titled, “Ethical Parenting is More than Possible.” Admittedly it is printed in a Jewish blog, nothing like New York magazine. But fascinating nonetheless.

Some of my favorite quotes from today’s article.

“If some science-fiction sorcerer came to me with a button,” writes the philosopher Stephen Asma in his 2012 book Against Fairness, “and said I could save my son’s life by pressing it but then (cue the dissonant music) ten strangers would die somewhere … I’d have my finger down on it before he finished his cryptic challenge.”

“According to a 2009 survey by the Josephson Institute of Ethics, 51 percent of people age 17 or under agree that to get ahead, a person must lie or cheat, compared with 18 ­percent of people ages 25 to 40. Two years later, in another ­Josephson survey, 57 ­percent of ­high-schoolers agreed that “in the real world, successful people do what they have to do to win, even if others consider it cheating.” Younger people are likelier than their elders to lie to parents, spouses, and bosses and to keep the change if a cashier makes an error in their favor.”


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