The Signature of All Things


Of course this book has hype because of its author. Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the phenomenon Eat Pray Love. I’ve read the aforementioned book & her follow-up book, Committed. But I’ve never read any of her short stories so I’m not familiar with her fiction writing style.

This book has a great beginning. Amazing. In order to find out more about the main character, Alma, Gilbert goes through the history of her father in a sweeping description through continents and decades until Alma’s birth. Halfway through I was waning, the book is 512 pages. I wasn’t so sure I wanted to stick it out to the 500 page end so I read the review on B&N and decided not to finish from what they said about the conclusion. Would’ve been a satisfactory story but I just don’t have time to finish an “okay story”. That being said, I recommend it to those who like sweeping historical novels with lots of detail.


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