The Book Thief Movie

The Guardian did an interview with Markus Zusak  about his book, The Book Thief, being turned into a movie. I’m always fascinated with how authors feel about this happening ever since I read and then watched My Sister’s Keeper. I love Jodi Picoult and I’ve seen her speak a lot. She always gets that question about how she feels about My Sister’s Keeper and the way they changed the movie. I love her answer. It goes something like this, “You sell the [book] rights and it’s like giving a baby up for adoption – you aren’t allowed to call daily and ask what she’s been fed for breakfast. Of course, you hope that the family you’re trusting with your baby is a good one, and that she’ll turn out well in the long run…but sometimes you give your baby over to a bunch of crack heads.” Markus doesn’t say anything like that but he does say something about an age old debate. Do you read the book before the movie? This is what he says, “I’m not a purist in that way at all. Lots of readers say they have to read the book first but I quite like to do it the other way round. In most cases when people see the film of a book they’ve read they say the book’s better, usually, so I think there’s less chance of disappointment when you do it the other way round.”


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