The Abominables by Eva Ibbotson


I read this book for our Children’s librarian book club. What a great concept, btw. Last year I was feeling as if I wasn’t reading enough children’s books. And it’s really my job to keep up with reading what’s popular so I have the knowledge to suggest them to kids and adults. I felt like I was using older books as my go-to like Magic Tree House, Harry Potter & other popular series. So I started reading some of the new series’. Anyway, I think its great that this new chunk of children’s librarians sees the importance of continuing our reading in our subject. So this was the first book. Had it not been for an organized group I probably wouldn’t have finished it. It has a lot of blatant lessons in it and I’m not into those. I was also put off by the change in characters so quickly. Ibbotson starts with this awesome female character who raises the yetis and then all of a sudden she’s prepared to die and we move on to someone else. Anyway, the book was okay. I was actually more interested in the fact that she died mid-writing. Or she had the layout done and her son finished it. I wasn’t sure. So I did some research. Here’s what The Guardian says in it’s review of the book.

“She [Ibbotson] died in 2010… among her papers was the typescript of The Abominables, presumably the last romp she wrote before Alan’s [her husband] death. Its existence was previously unknown to Toby Ibbotson, her son and sometime collaborator, and to Marion Lloyd, her publisher. Together, they have edited it, giving us not only posthumous but vintage Ibbotson.”

I haven’t read any of Ibbotson’s other books so I can’t compare the style with that of something that she’s actually written as compared to this book which was apparently mainly put together by her son. But I think that could be interesting. Another librarian said she loved Ibbotson’s Which Witch. Maybe I’ll try that.


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