10 Steps to Raising a Lifelong Reader

Half of all American adults admit to never having read a single book since graduation from high school and most of the rest admit to reading only one book a year. Harper Collins put out this list of 10 steps to raising an American adult who reads.

1. Read to your kid daily.

2. Give them ownership of what books they check out. This is a serious one. A kid came in the other day and wanted to check out a Pete the Cat book and his dad said no because he “thinks the artist is inaccurate.” Are you kidding me?? It’s a book about a cat who walks and goes to school. Just let him check out the book!

3. Encourage, don’t disparage. This is especially true I think when they get in to school. Then it all becomes about what level their teacher says they should read at. And God forbid you live in a state that follows AR levels with the points and the quizzes. UGH!

4. Let the words — and emotions — flow off the page. Read with enthusiasm!

5. Just keep reading.

6. Find the right reading material. Let kids read anything that is exciting to them. Don’t force them to read things they don’t want to read.

7. Delve into a compelling series. As much as I hate the fact that books seem to no longer stand alone, kids love series’.

8. Ratify the Reader’s Bill of Rights. Listed in a previous post here.

9. Encourage boys’ literary lives. Annoyingly, girls read more than boys and apparently they need more encouragement.

10. Don’t give up on struggling readers. I am a librarian and yet my younger brother hates reading. I have tried everything. Audiobooks, series’, Playaways. He still doesn’t like it. But I will keep pestering him forever and ever until I find a book he likes.



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