Keep Reading!

Librarians are always worried about kids discontinuing their reading habits once summer comes. This is a great article from CNN about how to keep kids reading through the summer.

First. It’s never to early to read to children — and don’t stop. I do programs for babies. Whenever I tell people this their first reaction is usually, but babies can’t read. That doesn’t matter. You can read. And then can listen and become familiar with the wonderful world of books.

Second. Make reading rewarding. I hate school summer reading lists. I hate the schools that make kids read 3 required books a summer from a list of the teacher’s choosing. Why? Just tell them to read! Read what the want. Read it all the time! Don’t make their summer reading list another homework assignment. That is not the way.

Third. Be a model reader. Parents who show kids that they like to read themselves are a great example to their kids. Especially dads.

Last. Match reading to children’s interest. If they like basketball find a basketball book. Don’t make them read books they don’t want to read. Or at least make it even. One school book (uugh!) and then one book they like.


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