The Girls at the Kingfisher Club


I think if I were to live in another life it would be the 1920s. I’m sure I’ve said this before because I often read books from this era because I love it so much. This book is a play on the folktale of the twelve dancing princesses. I haven’t read that story so I’m not sure how closely or loosely the book follows but it was definitely entertaining. The girls have been locked up in their father’s attic all their lives. Some of them have never even met the man because they’re never allowed out. However, the oldest finds a way to get them all out at midnight in order to dance their nights away. Eventually they get caught (how could they not with twelve girls going up and down two flights of stairs in the middle of the night) and that’s when it becomes interesting. Great book for those who liked The Chaperone and Z.


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Filed under adult, book review, fiction

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