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I didn’t seem to review book two of the All Souls trilogy so I thought I’d do both that one and the final one.

Shadow of Night is book two in the series. I feel like all second books in a series have a stalling factor no matter what. You’re on this high from book one and nothing is as good. In fact, I wrote an entire post about how book two in a series usually sucks. It’s unfortunate. Anyway, I wouldn’t say Shadow of Night sucked but it definitely didn’t read as quick as book one. Diana and Matthew are together and now they’re in a different time. All those characters you learned to love from book one have disappeared and you have to learn everything over again. And these characters from 1590 are not as wonderful so it’s hard to get into it. There is a twist in there around 2/3 in (if you make it that far). I think I honestly finished so quickly only because I was at ALA and I had my other books shipped back home. So it was the only thing I had to read on my plane ride from California to Iowa. Power through it y’all!

Because then you get to read the final book, Book of Life. This book just came out a week or two ago. I think I finished it within a week of buying it. I found it at Target for $19.99 and it was autographed. Win! Anyway, as evident by the title this is the book where Diana finally gets her hands on the all important Book of Life. Other stuff happens too. Important stuff. And while it is only a trilogy and I’ve heard no other words about it continuing there is a bit of an open ending with some of the characters. So that’s exciting.

All in all I’m really glad I found this series. It was entertaining and historical. I enjoy historical fiction that isn’t dry and boring. It also had fantasy and romance. It’s a bit like Harry Potter and Twilight mixed together but with adult themes. Capeche?



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