Toddler Palooza

The past week we had Toddler Palooza! It was a kick off to the beginning of my fall programming. I sort of did a Toddler Palooza back at my old library. It was called Pinterest Playday and I had all of these activities stolen from Pinterest for moms to bring their kids to do at the library. It was essentially things that moms don’t want to do at their own houses because it makes a big ol’ mess. I saw another library doing something similar in an issue of School Library Journal. Brooklyn library called theirs Toddler Palooza. I liked that better so that’s what we named the one I just had here. I emailed the woman who did it and got her early literacy tips (already formatted!) to add to my event.

So, what is Toddler Palooza? Mine was a set of 11 stations of early literacy activities for the kids to roam around to at their whim. It took about one afternoon to prep the things that needed made. And another afternoon to set it up. This is my list of stations.


Paper party: shredded paper in a bucket.

Bean bash: three kinds of beans and measuring cups in a bucket

Sticky fingers: contact paper taped sticky side up to a table

Bubble wrap jump time: bubble wrap taped to the ground

Gel pads: ziplocs filled with hair gel and subsequently taped to cardboard as a makeshift etch-a-sketch thing. I attached a link of where I got the idea from, however that lady put items in hers like ocean animals. One time I tried to do that and they broke open much more easily because of the edges on the animals. So I don’t do that anymore. And I tape them down flat to cardboard in order to keep them from getting squeezed or bit open.

One mom said it was like Disneyland for toddlers! 🙂

14 - 2

bubble wrap jump time

14 - 4

water beads

14 - 7

paper party

14 - 8

bean bash

14 - 9

125 happy attendees


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