Mies VanHout


I love this woman. And all this time I thought she was a man. Sorry Mies! Her books are so good. If I had kids, which I don’t, I would make their nursery surrounding her images.  I was at her website just to see what else she writes and I found some great questions people have asked her. For example, why fish? The books I love are all about facial expressions. Surprise. Friends. Happy. And they take place on fish. This is what she says.

There are two important reasons. A fish is in fact a face with a tail. That makes it easy to give it a feeling. A fish is also a neutral animal. You don’t associate them with feelings. That makes them very suitable. For exemple : a very angry fish is no problem . A rabbit you don’t associate with rage.

So true. Also, she sells original drawings. And baby announcements. GAH! I might have kids just for those two things.



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