The Wife by Meg Wolitzer

Whew. So sorry about the big gap in posts. I went off and got married last weekend so I was a bit MIA. However, the plane rides back and forth gave me a great opportunity for a lot of reading! This was one I finished before I even left.


I thought it would be a good, you’re going to be a wife book. Turns out it’s about a woman who wants a divorce. But it was still good. I previously tried to read Meg Wolitzer’s new book, The Interestings. It got a lot of buzz and I learned through an essay of hers that she’s actually Martha Stewart’s best friend. Weird huh. Anyway, I couldn’t finish The Interestings but I really enjoyed The Wife. I sort of guessed the twist halfway through the book but there was another twist on top of that that I did not guess. It was a bit slow in the middle but I’m glad I finished.


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