Good Harbor by Anita Diamant


I love this writer, from what I can remember. Whenever someone asks me my favorite book of all time, I tell them The Red Tent. Every time I say it I think, I need to go back and read the Red Tent to ensure that I do actually like that book and that writer. I think reading this book helped confirm that I do like the author, I just need to re-visit the book.

One of the main reasons I picked up this book is because the main character lives in New England and is a Children’s librarian. How could I not love her? She’s also in her sixties and has breast cancer so that makes her a bit different than me. On a basic level, it’s about a friendship between two women who are in very different times in their lives. As someone who works with kids but has no kids, I often make friends with unsuspecting people that have lives very different from my own. So I can see how these two women were drawn to each other even without basic commonalities. Quick read.



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