The Boston Girl by Diamant


Whenever people ask what my favorite book is I always say, The Red Tent. Now I just recently read an older book by the same author, Anita Diamant. It was called Good Harbor. Anyway, she has this new book out. So I picked it up. Most of her books take place in Massachusetts but this was in Boston specifically. And the main character, Addie, took classes at Simmons. I always find it refreshing to read books that are about the place you live or the life you have. This one had some of both. For example, I loved Still Alice because it was in Boston (which is now a movie btw). Anyway, the story is interesting in it’s narrative because the main character is actually relaying her life to her grand daughter. So in the midst of the story you can sometimes get a present comment that throws you off. I did enjoy the story but I keep coming back to The Red Tent as her masterpiece. Better read it again just to make sure.


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