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Recently I tried to read two books that I failed at finishing. The Slap, which is becoming a TV show, and Wildalone, which received great reviews and was compared to other books I love (Discovery of Witches in particular).

I got about 50 pages into The Slap and had to let it go. I hated it all. Side note, I try to read at least 50 pages before I determine if I hate a book. I was semi-excited to read this book and a little wary also. It had a 3.12 Goodreads review which is far from great. But the cover says it was on the shortlist for the Man Booker Prize. I really only picked it up because I saw a preview for the TV show and I’m always interested to compare books to TV/movies. But I got to page 50 and hated every second. Superfluous cursing, sexing & whatever else just made me hate all of it. Moving on.

My next book was Wildalone. I read a lot of blogs and one of them suggested this book. I wanted to like it, I really did. “Mesmerizing and addictive, Wildalone is a thrilling blend of the modern and the fantastic. Krassi Zourkova creates an atmospheric world filled with rich characters as compelling as those of Diana Gabaldon, Deborah Harkness, and Stephenie Meyer.” Sounds amazing, no? Definitely not. It is all the worst character moments of Twilight & DOW. Not interested. Moving on.

I am now reading The Girl on the Train and it is full of crazy sauce. 


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