Mother Goose on the Loose Kit

This is what you need to have a successful Mother Goose on the Loose. I am leaving my current library to go to another and will need to make up another MGOL kit so I’m making a list of what I have and what I need.

Carpet square set. These aren’t super necessary but they’re nice to have. MGOL encourages you to make the room into a semi circle to it’s easy to step around to pass out instruments, you can see all the kids faces and walk around without having to worry about stepping on fingers or toes. These squares make that layout easily apparent. It also gives you something to reference when you say, find your carpet letter! in order to make everyone sit back down.

Stuffed farm animal set. I got mine from Demco I think however when I just went to look they only sold them individually. Annoying.

Hand bell set. These are expensive, but worth it. When I bought them they were $3.36 not $8 something so maybe wait it out and check the price every once in awhile. If you have a small group of kids that you can talk to and stretch the program length a bit they are great conversation pieces. You can ask what animal is on their bell. What color it is. Have the kids whose animals are the same sing the song with you. Etc.

Colorful scarf set. I’ve heard that there are better ones than these that don’t fray on the edges as much but I’ve been fine with these. They’re reasonably priced and do the job.

You can do it without these next things, but I find them to be useful and the kids love them.

Spider puppet. Similar to this one but I know that I didn’t get it on Amazon.

Five Little Monkeys set. This is adorable and the kids love it. They always want to put the monkeys on their fingers during free play afterwards.

These are the toys I currently have for the kids to use in free play. I always buy the same toys (from Walmart) and I always try and get two of each of the popular ones so there’s an easy way to stop fighting during a time when someone doesn’t want to share. I attached links when possible. Toy phone (2), toy camera (2), wooden blocks, toy piano (not electronic), interlocking beads, toy cars (6), wooden puzzles (as many as I can afford), mystery shape bucket, stackable rings, plastic ball (I have this but don’t think I’ll buy it again).


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