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Boys CAN read girl books

This article came out just a day after I overheard a mom telling our circ staff that her son doesn’t read girl books. It’s hard to find books that don’t include girl characters, hopefully because kids should be exposed to all characters. They then went on to discuss series’ that have boy / girl teams like Magic Treehouse, etc.

This particular article talks about school assemblies that were segregated for only girls to listen to an author talk who writes predominantly with female characters (i.e. princesses). The author is Shannon Hale and she’s known for her princess series books. Hale was a bit struck by how this played out and sent a tweet afterwards saying, “I’ve done perhaps 200 assemblies. The boys ALWAYS listen to me. It’s the administration beforehand that assumes that they won’t.”

Also, author Kate Messner said “…segregating boys from so-called girl books does more than just keep them from titles they may enjoy. It teaches boys that women speakers and female characters have nothing to offer them.”

What do you think?


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In Case of Emergency


This book was on some list, I think NPR. It’s published by McSweeney’s so I should have known it was going to be eclectic. It kept my attention, mainly because of her day to day explanations of being an EMT. I used to love Grey’s Anatomy before it got weird and this was kind of a real life version of what happens before the hospital. I liked the character but after awhile she got annoying. I finished because I wanted to see how it would end. Again, I should have known the ending would not be tied with a pretty bow because of it’s uniqueness. But it was an interesting read nonetheless.

Amendment: Apparently my Goodreads review said I hated the ending and I only gave it two stars. Soo.. there’s that.

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