How to get kids reading

My father-in-law was just saying the other day that my almost six-year-old niece has no desire to read independently. So it’s not surprising that I found this timely article in the Washington Post. This survey was done by Scholastic and YouGov. I know who Scholastic is, obviously, but I had no idea what YouGov is. They seem to be a large online community with a lot of current events surveys. For example, their homepage asked me how I feel about the Confederate flag being put on license plates.

Anyway, the survey had some eye opening findings. I don’t have kids so when I look at a family and think, they watch a lot of TV or they have a lot of screen time, I have to step back and think again. If I had a kid 12+ hours a day I wouldn’t be able to fill it all with things other than screen time. No judging. But according to the survey, Three-quarters of parents with children ages 6–17 (75%) agree “I wish my child would read more books for fun,” and 71% agree “I wish my child would do more things that did not involve screen time.” With screen time in mind it seems as though we may be reading less than other generations but “half of all children ages 6–17 (51%) are currently reading a book for fun and another one in five (20%) just finished one.” Encouraging.

They also talk about how to make a child into a frequent reader and they mention having parents who are frequent readers is a sign of producing a frequent reader in your offspring. My husband does not read and I can’t stress enough how important it is to see adults reading!! (especially male role models or relatives) Perhaps if we ever have kids my voracious reading would cancel him out and I’d still get a kid who loves to read.



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3 responses to “How to get kids reading

  1. if you ever have kids?

    • no1librarian

      You know, if there’s an Apocalypse and my offspring is the one who can stop it. Or if I’m an idiot and have an accidental child. Must always prepare for the worst possible outcome.

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