The Expeditioners: Book 1


I seriously enjoyed this book. Which I’m surprised by because I don’t typically enjoy sci-fi fantasy. Published my McSweeney’s. Always a sign of interesting things. The first sentence in the summary kind of turned me off at first. “Computers have failed, electricity is extinct, and the race to discover new lands is underway!” Why can’t it just be a regular world? Some of the reviews have labeled it a steampunk book however it doesn’t really talk much about the electronic gadgets. Yes, one of the characters has a mechanical hand, but they don’t talk about it. It’s just there. It’s not really part of the story.

Anyway, they don’t really go into all that. It seems like a pretty normal place when reading, which I liked. The West children, Zander, Kit & M.K., receive a long lost map from their recently dead (or is he?) father. They then go on an adventure to Arizona to see if they can use the map to find a treasure. However, there are others are looking for this treasure and they aren’t as nice. Check it out!



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