Room by Emma Donoghue


Vintage book review! When I was making that list of books I’ve read based on the Huffington Post article’s suggestions I realized there are a lot of books I read before I started this blog that I could review. So here’s my first.

I still remember reading this book even though I read it back in January of 2011. My review of it in Goodreads simply states, Very disturbing, but also enlightening. Truth y’all. It’s about a girl who is kidnapped and held captive for seven years. Somewhere in there she has a kid and that is who is telling the story. There’s one part I remember specifically. The child has seen stairs for the first time. Stairs! And he’s afraid of them. Such a concept I cannot even grasp. I would have never picked up a book with this topic had it been from the kidnapped girl’s POV. It is very captivating and the POV is what makes it such. Highly recommended. Could also be read for YA.



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