Books I Love: Kids Picture Books

This is my last post about Books I Love. At least this cycle. I’m sure in a couple years I can do it again and have more! Check out the other posts: Adults, YA & Kids Fiction.

I’ve purposely niched myself into early lit as a focus for my career (aka 0-3 years old). I adore babies and baby storytimes but I also love kids.. until they reach about age 6 and then my love dwindles. Good thing I don’t have any of my own. Here are some of my favorite favorite books for the best age group ever.

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Ish by Peter Reynolds (click his name, he has so many ridiculously wonderful books) and Not a Box by Antoinette Portis are technically two books but I love them both for the same reason. So in order to talk about more books I’m putting them both in. Both of these books encourage imagination and creativity and are great for read alouds. If your library has Tumblebooks, Ish makes a great appearance there too. Peter Reynolds is one of my favorite illustrators and one of my other favorites of his is, You and Me which is really for emotional adults who miss their friends. WAH!


You will be My Friend! by Peter Brown. I love Peter Brown. And I love Lucy the bear. She wants friends but doesn’t really know how to get them. She soon discovers that yelling in a loud voice, “YOU WILL BE MY FRIEND!” is not the way. Her story began in, Children Make Terrible Pets.

2015-05-11 10_25_57-Greenshot

Lola series by Anna McQuinn is a great multicultural and library positive series. Lola loves the library and she loves stories. She now has a brother named Leo who also loves books. I read his book, Leo Loves Baby Time at baby storytime at least once a month. It is a great book and Lola is the best.


Oh Dear, Geoffrey! by Gemma O’Neill has the most gorgeous illustrations. I feel like I say this for almost every book but this one is for real. I would put these prints on the wall as art in a second. In fact, I follow this author/illustrator on Facebook and she sometimes sells her art. The best! Geoffrey is a clumsy giraffe who can’t make friends because everyone is afraid he’ll topple over on them. Oh the life of a giraffe (my favorite animal, btw).

Lastly, I lied about this being my last post. I’m going to do a Books I Love: Storytime books. Stay tuned!



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