Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave


I have never heard of this author. I’m pretty sure I found this book title while perusing Goodreads and checking out the books in the corner under, Readers Also Enjoyed. Don’t underestimate the power of analytics concerning your Goodreads account. They know what they’re talking about.

I enjoyed this book a lot. I even gave it 5 stars. Although if there was an option for half stars I’d probably give it a 4.5 but I decided to round up. This book is essentially about Georgia (who’s name I didn’t even know for like 50 pages because it was never mentioned) and how she walks out of her wedding dress fitting after seeing her fiance with another woman. She goes home to her parents’ vineyard only to find out she knows nothing about what’s going on with her family. It has great characters and twists and turns although some of the characters in her family are a bit flat. I thought it was a great quick read (only 4 days during a weekend when I was entertaining my own family). To compare, I’m pretty sure it came up on the suggested books when I was viewing the new Elin Hilderbrand book, The Rumor. So if you like her, you’ll like this. I also put these two books below on hold from the same book searching experience.


A Window Opens by Elisabeth Egan


Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid



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