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Brooklyn by Colm Tóibín


I read this book because I recently watched a movie trailer for it. If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. I always try to read the book before I watch the movie (trailer coming soon). I’ve also had my eye on this book for years. I think I may even own it. It was on the longlist for the Man Booker Prize in 2009 and I know it was raved about. Colm is a fairly famous author and is getting some recognition for Nora Webster, his newest novel.

Brooklyn was written in a very interesting way. Long sentences with lots of superfluous language. And yet all of a sudden something you think would have been described in detail is just skipped over. Baffling. The audiobook went quickly though (only 6 discs) and I enjoyed the ending he gave. However, had it ended the other way I would have been pissed.


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Dory series

book  book

I knew about Dory. I ordered her for my last library. But the other day the second book came in, Dory and the Real True Friend. So I read it. And it was hilarious. Laugh out loud funny. She is the weirdest cutest little thing. I love her. So I ordered book one, which is sort of alluded to in book two but not enough that you can’t read them out of order. I immediately took them home to my six-year-old niece who has imaginary friends and she loved her too. I highly recommend Dory to girls in the middle of easy readers and early chapter books. Or to adult women who also want a laugh.

Ironically, I just read a PW article interviewing the author of Dory, Abby Hanlon. She has eight-year-old twins that she gets her material from. I want to meet them!

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China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan


I was SO excited for this book. There was so much publicity. And I started following the author on Twitter. I loved the first book so much. I could’ve started a paper train I was so excited. I especially loved the audiobook reader. The book has a lot of phrases in other languages and I like listening to them said correctly rather than trying to figure out in my head how you’d say them.

I was a bit disappointed with the second book. But it was still good!

The main characters in the first book, Nicholas Young & Rachel Chu are no longer the main characters (in my opinion). It’s hard to say there is any sort of main character because it’s a book with multiple character POVs but they definitely took a back seat in this one. I do love Astrid who seemed to take a bigger part in this book. But there were a few added characters that I didn’t really care for that much. Kitty Pong &  Colette Bing specifically. I also hated that they changed the audiobook reader for the second book. I seriously remember loving the reader and that’s one reason I loved the first book so much so it was a disappointment to hear a new voice. Her voice of Rachel was actually quite annoying and I started disliking her as a character because of it. She seemed airy and lacking depth when in the first book she was the driving force. It kept my attention but I probably won’t rave about it like I did the first one. I do like that the first one can be read solo without a need to read the sequel.

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Book Vending Machine


So the library I used to work at in the Midwest had a DVD vending machine. When I was at ALA a few years ago I also saw some book vending machines. Apparently there are now book vending machines in D.C. for underprivileged children. This article (in People of all places) talks about where they came from and how they work. A few things I don’t understand are how do they know the child is 14 and under? For that matter, how do they know it’s a child getting the book? Can they get more than one book? What if a kid is just pushing every button to get every single book? There is an adult woman in the photo so perhaps it’s only on certain hours and is monitored? I would need more information before I’d consider getting one of these machines for my area. Not that they’re being offered to me, but you know..

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Summer Reads for Kids

MPR (Minnesota Public Radio, who knew?) has a great summer reading list for kids. They have it separated by age group and it’s amazing.

They also have an awesome website called Beanstack that personally suggests books, like Novelist. I didn’t do it all the way because you have to make an account and I wasn’t interested in that.

Books that I saw on their list that I enjoyed are


The Undertaking of Lily Chen (my review)

8-12 years

Wonder (my review)

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library (my review)

5-8 years

Where the Sidewalk Ends (who doesn’t love that?)

3-5 years

Orion in the Dark (my review)


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Reading on Screens

This article tells us EVERYTHING science knows about reading on screens. Now, my husband hates to read. But whenever he’s supposed to be listening to what I’m saying he is usually reading on his phone. And he doesn’t even know that he’s reading. But is that good for him I wonder. IT HURTS YOUR EYES! READ A BOOK! These are things I want to yell, but I don’t.

I think this is most definitely true.

“But this style of reading may come at a cost—Liu noted in his study that sustained attention seems to decline when people read onscreen rather than on paper, and that people also spend less time on in-depth reading.”

I definitely skim more in electronic books than on paper books. Why? No idea. Very interesting article.

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