Book Vending Machine


So the library I used to work at in the Midwest had a DVD vending machine. When I was at ALA a few years ago I also saw some book vending machines. Apparently there are now book vending machines in D.C. for underprivileged children. This article (in People of all places) talks about where they came from and how they work. A few things I don’t understand are how do they know the child is 14 and under? For that matter, how do they know it’s a child getting the book? Can they get more than one book? What if a kid is just pushing every button to get every single book? There is an adult woman in the photo so perhaps it’s only on certain hours and is monitored? I would need more information before I’d consider getting one of these machines for my area. Not that they’re being offered to me, but you know..


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