China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan


I was SO excited for this book. There was so much publicity. And I started following the author on Twitter. I loved the first book so much. I could’ve started a paper train I was so excited. I especially loved the audiobook reader. The book has a lot of phrases in other languages and I like listening to them said correctly rather than trying to figure out in my head how you’d say them.

I was a bit disappointed with the second book. But it was still good!

The main characters in the first book, Nicholas Young & Rachel Chu are no longer the main characters (in my opinion). It’s hard to say there is any sort of main character because it’s a book with multiple character POVs but they definitely took a back seat in this one. I do love Astrid who seemed to take a bigger part in this book. But there were a few added characters that I didn’t really care for that much. Kitty Pong &  Colette Bing specifically. I also hated that they changed the audiobook reader for the second book. I seriously remember loving the reader and that’s one reason I loved the first book so much so it was a disappointment to hear a new voice. Her voice of Rachel was actually quite annoying and I started disliking her as a character because of it. She seemed airy and lacking depth when in the first book she was the driving force. It kept my attention but I probably won’t rave about it like I did the first one. I do like that the first one can be read solo without a need to read the sequel.

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