Pool by JiHyeon Lee


I read a review of this book that made reference to the fact that all the adults in the pool were overweight and disturbing looking. Ahem,

“A slim child clad in bathing cap, goggles, and trunks stands poolside; the water is smooth, blue, and empty. Then a throng of grotesque, mostly obese adults with inner tubes and rubber rafts descends, choking the pool’s surface. The child enters the water anyway, diving below the paddling feet of the crowd, and is joined by another slender, capped, goggled child, this one sporting a skirted tank suit.”

Ah yes, Kirkus always gives it to me straight. So that’s all I could think about when I read this. I also don’t like that the kids are under water the whole time with no breath taken. Haven’t they ever heard of drowning? I did like the illustrations and I love wordless books. I think they’re generally under appreciated. The Boston Globe agrees and talks a bit about wordless picture books as well in their short review of Pool.


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