Whatever you like

The other day I heard this song on my Pandora. It is a song that brings me back to my college days no matter where I am. Now, I hesitate to compare children’s books to this song because it seems a bit weird. But it seems true. I have read two books in the last month that basically tell kids they can have whatever they like. I know kids books are supposed to be funny. I do see the difference between talking animals and real animals. But these two books feel different to me for some reason. Helloooooo, I liked them. That’s not the point. Let’s talk about the first one.


One Word from Sophia by Jim Averbeck. Don’t get me wrong. I thought this book was adorable. I love the diversity and multi-generations living together. Also, giraffes are my favorite zoo animal. I’m on the same page as Sophia, I’d love a giraffe. But at the end of the book all Sophia has to do in order to get that giraffe is say please. I’m all on board with saying please but if kids think they can get whatever they want by simply saying please then they are going to be some sorely disappointed adults. I have a 6-year-old niece and she asks for a lot of things. This morning I told her to circle things in the American Girl catalog that she wants for Christmas. She circled the whole catalog. Does she get all of them when she says please? Uh, no.


Katie McGinty wants a Pet by Jenna Harrington. I read this one today. Same thing. The girl not only gets a zebra for a pet, she gets two. WTF. Let me tell you something kids. I had to beg and plead for a pet. And I never got one. This dad is offering his daughter whatever pet she wants and she chooses a zebra! Take a dog and be happy, Katie McGinty! All along he’s telling her why she can’t have a zebra. And in the end she gets two. Ridiculous. Perhaps kids these days will make T.I.’s Whatever You Like their mantra.


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