Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy


You guys. I forgot how much I read during football season. It’s not that I don’t like football, it’s just that I don’t like it 4x a week for 25 hours a day. I’ve finished two books since Thursday. Granted one was George and it was short and this new one is a YA, but still!

Let’s talk about Dumplin’. I’ve read so much about this book from others. Abby the Librarian says, “This book is the book I want all fat girls to read. No, actually, I want all girls to read it. NO, actually I want EVERYBODY to read this book.” So I did. I read it. And I liked it a lot. I was reading it at work on a Saturday with my co-worker and I said, “This is going to be bad. He’s going to be a jerk and break her heart (Bo). Because he’s in high school and that’s what high school boys do.” Am I right?? I mean sort of.

Willowdean is fat. Willowdean likes Bo but Bo is not heavy. He’s attractive and athletic. They call him peachbutt in the book. Willowdean likes him and wants to be with him but she doesn’t want the scrutiny of people looking at them as a couple thinking, What is he doing with her?? I liked Willowdean but I did not like the way she treated Mitch (this other guy who took her on a date and was a complete sweetheart to her while Bo was being weird). She totally used him throughout the whole book. As much as I was wary of Bo in the beginning I was just as wary of Willowdean and how she was treating Mitch. Having said that, I did like the open ended conclusion, which I usually hate in books. I feel like a lot of authors are leaning towards these open ended conclusions that kind of tie everything up but not really in order to keep the possibility of a sequel in mind. More money is more money, no?

Definitely a good read for everyone. Just like Abby said.




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