Blankets by Craig Thompson


This was a seriously personal graphic novel. Craig has doubts about his faith that I imagine resonate with lots of people who grew up in the church and have very religious parents (like myself). I love his drawings and I’m so glad he didn’t listen to the people around him who told him his art could not glorify God. Whether he draws for God or not doesn’t really matter, he’s an amazing artist. I loved how all of the chapters started out with him and his brother sharing a bed as children. What a great relationship, even if bad things happened to them in their younger years they had each other. I like that he seemed to rectify that relationship in his later teens and later when he came back for his graduation / wedding. In contrast, I didn’t like how the “relationship” with Raina had no serious closure. Sure, he called and told her he didn’t want to talk to her anymore but then nothing. No mention of how she never tried to call after that or contact him. It seemed a very abrupt ending to a relationship that was the main basis of the first 300 pages. I’m not one for open ended conclusions unless it’s specifically that way to set up for a sequel, and in this case there is not (as far as I know anyway). However, I enjoyed it a lot and I could see a lot of my questioning personality in Craig.


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