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List of Best Book Lists

Oh yes, a list of lists! Horn Book has put out a list of all the best of the year lists that have come out / are coming out in the near future. If you love lists like I love lists add this list to your list. HA! How meta.



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Orphan Train


This book had a lot of buzz in the past few years. It was running rampant through every book club group in the country. It was on hold lists at libraries for months. It was the Goodreads Fiction choice winner in 2013. (Side note, if you haven’t voted for this year’s best books on Goodreads go do that!)

Anyway, I resisted the hype but finally succumbed. It was very good. I listened on audio first which is always the key for me (I think I’ve mentioned this before). It gets me involved in the book and then I can’t wait to finish it so I check out the real book and continue reading outside the car. Now that my commute has basically tripled I finish things much faster, which is helpful for my TBR shelf.

This book has alternating points of view (which I love) where we go back and forth between Molly in present day (2011) and Vivienne throughout her life from 1929 to current day. There were some twists, light and usually happy hearted ones, and I think they were placed beautifully. Nothing seemed far fetched and both stories were relateable. Molly had the perfect amount of teenage angst and I loved her relationship with the 91-year-old Vivienne. As someone who loves hearing the stories of older people I enjoyed this book immensely.

Variety says that it’s going to be made into a movie!

Interview with author on NPR

Write-up in USA Today

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Book Lover Problems

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J.K. New Children’s Book


I love Harry Potter y’all. I just moved to a new house and FINALLY have all my books again. I kept thinking, I want to re-read that but alas my books were in boxes. Now they are beautifully shelved and just waiting to be read. Since I’m a #footballwidow I thought HP would be the best thing to keep me occupied during the winter. THEN, I just saw this article about J.K. Rowling writing a new book for children. It doesn’t say what kind of children’s book, picture / novel / middle grade??? WHAT IS IT?? I also listened to her on an NPR podcast Pop Culture Happy Hour last night where she was technically talking as Robert Galbraith so the fact that she didn’t mention this children’s book is understandable. I guess..

Love Harry Potter? Check out my review of the illustrated edition and if you haven’t listened to them on audio, get on that!

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Amazon’s Best YA Books of 2015

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I have so many things to read I’ve been trying not to look at the adult and YA best books lists. Because they only had to my to-read pile, which is getting rather large and tall. Precariously so. But, I had to for this one. And I’m glad I did. There are some I’ve read! I enjoyed The Red Queen and Dumplin’ for sure. Those are great. Highly recommended. I also have Mosquitoland on hold. Good job, Amazon.

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Amazon Best Children’s Books of 2015

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Amazon has put out their best books lists! The Children’s one is obviously the one that catches my eye first. Roller Girl is on there and so is The Thing About Jellyfish, which I NEED to read. I’ve heard about this book everywhere (New York Times). And I even checked it out once. Although some libraries have it in young adult. You be the judge!

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Review of Nimona


Someone else had a lovely review of Nimona. She’s on the PW list for best YA novels of 2015 so perhaps I just have bad taste in books. I reviewed it as a so-so.

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