PW Best Middle Grade Books of 2015

Publisher’s Weekly has their Best Books of 2015 list out. I looooove Best Book lists. Love them. I always find a new book that I’ve never heard of on one of them or get confirmation on books I haven’t read that I neeeeeed to read immediately. I posted about the PW Picture Book list the other day and use the same exact words because I’m that excited and all of that needs to be repeated.

So let’s talk about the Middle Grade Books that they put on their Best of list.

book   earnest

George. I feel like this is just going to have hype forever and ever, amen. I read it. I’m not sure I’m on the hype bandwagon, but it was a book written for a niche that needed it.


Roller Girl I also read when I was on a graphic novel kick.

books   23604390

The Marvels and Lost in the Sun are two books I tried to read but never finished. I wrote about my struggle with The Marvels and its format a few times. I found the main character of Lost in the Sun to be annoying and unrealistic. I also tried Goodbye Stranger but didn’t like the writing.

Books that are on the list that were on my radar and are not officially on my to-read list include: The Thing About Jellyfish and Echo (checked out both but never even opened them #soitgoes).

Also, the NYT Best Illustrated Children’s Books of 2015


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