The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton


As I was writing the title of this post I thought to myself, is Jessie a girl or a boy? Who wrote this amazing book?! Jessie is a she and she has a book coming out next year that I will most definitely be reading called, The Muse. On to The Miniaturist! I would have never read this book of my own accord. It was suggested to me by a new friend and co-worker (hey Dawn!). We seem to have very similar personalities despite the fact that our actual lives couldn’t be any more different (she has 4 kids). She said she was listening to it in her car and was so addicted that she checked it out and was then reading it once she left her car. Sounds like me! #twinsies

Nella is married off to the highest bidder when her father dies and her family quickly becomes poor. The bidder is named Johannes and is 20 years her senior. Nella isn’t bothered by this much and actually wants to be his wife. She’s excited to be a wife. Wants to keep the house and have his kids, etc. However, he does not really want a wife for reasons untold at the beginning and once she arrives at her new home she realizes she’s not really the lady of the house. Johannes has a sister named Marin who does not welcome Nella into her home and is definitely not going to relinquish her title as head of the household to this eighteen-year-old nothing. Trouble ensues quickly and most of it concerns Johannes and his marriage gift to Nella, a miniature version of their house. There were lots of twists and turns, most of them I did not see coming. Hopefully you don’t either and you enjoy it as much as I did.

Here are some other more important people who also enjoyed it

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