Winter Stroll


I read the first book in this series, Winter Street, last year and liked it. It had a cliff hanger ending so I kind of knew a book two was forthcoming. This second book also has a cliff hanger ending so it must continue for the next umpteen Christmases. I usually hate series books and I definitely hate cliff hanger endings but these people are so normal and lovable that I don’t mind waiting to see what happens. It did take a few flips between people (its multiple POVs) to remember who everyone was but other than that it was great jumping back in to their lives. It is about Kelly, an inn owner on Nantucket, and his family. I always love a good Cape book and Elin Hilderbrand writes good ones. I’ve read some of her other books as well so if you enjoy this one try one of her non-holiday ones too!



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