The Nest


This book has been generating lots of reviews and buzz. Waking Brain Cells, a blog I read, had a great review of it a few months back. She called it horror. I’m not sure I would, although it’s hard for me to define juvenile horror in my head because everything I associate with horror wouldn’t be appropriate for children. It was definitely quirky. Steve’s brother is ill. Some sort of congenital disease that needs fixing. As a matter of fact, no one is sure whether it can be fixed. Therein lies the problem. The night after Steve is stung by a wasp, which he finds he’s allergic to, he begins having dreams with the queen bee. She says she can fix his baby brother. Little does he know fixing actually means replacing. Everything goes to hell from there. Steve has some OCD so he’s afraid of a lot of things, not just wasps, and I’m not sure his fear could be categorized as horror but it is semi-scary when he starts killing them off with a huge knife blade. At the beginning it almost seemed a bit too informational, going into the detail of pupae and larva or wasps. Definitely an interesting read, although I’m not sure what all the buzz is about out there on the interwebs. I’ve read better.

Book Trailer (I never understood the point of book trailers, but there it is)

New York Times (they were also underwhelmed)

Apparently the NYT and I are in the minority however because it received star reviews in these 3 journals.

School Library Journal, Publisher’s Weekly, & Kirkus



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